We worked with the venue and all of our suppliers to reduce the environmental impact and increase the positive social and economic contribution of this event.

 Here are some of the things we did: 

  • Our venue, Manchester Central has diverted waste from landfill for almost 10 years. Any waste that cannot be recycled is compacted into bales and transported to a combined heat and power facility. Energy is harvested from the residual waste to produce electricity and also steam which produces thermal heating. 
  • The venue's produce is resourced sustainably, supporting the local economy and reducing food miles. Menus are inspired by North West produce. 
  • The venue donates leftover packaged foods to local charities. 
  • All plate waste is sent to a process called Anaerobic Digestion (AD) which speeds up the natural breakdown of food inside a large sealed tank. This process emits a methane-rich gas which is captured and used to generate electricity. 
  • The venue has dimmable LED lighting and passive infrared sensors (PIRs) to reduce electricity usage. Our chosen venue location is easy to reach by public transport. Our procurement process requires our suppliers to demonstrate the steps they are taking to make their own operations sustainable. 
  • The venue purifies and bottles water onsite using reusable glass bottles, and they provide water refill stations so that you can refill water bottles rather than rely on disposable packaging. 
  • You’ll receive a discount on your coffee if you bring your own cup. 
  • Your badge is made of paper (FSC certified) and no plastic badge wallets are used. Our lanyards are made from recycled plastic water bottles and the clip from recycled POM plastic. The majority of the signage we use onsite is returned to a depot and entered into specialist recycling. Our signage supplier is ESSA Tier 5 accredited for Sustainability.
  • We are working with sponsors and exhibitors to minimise materials they dispose of whilst at the conference. 
  • We have reduced the amount of printed materials which we provide to attendees by switching to digital.
  • We ensure that the carpet and paper used at the event are made from recycled materials and it is recycled or reused at the end of the event.