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With four key areas of focus, the agenda took a deep dive into specific strands of activity high on every people professional's list:

Stream one: Revolutionising the modern workplace with AI

AI is set to transform the people profession and the workplace in profound ways. This stream looked at how people professionals can successfully navigate this technology revolution to drive employee performance, enable data driven decision-making, as well as discuss ethical considerations, organisational design and workplace culture.

Stream two: Supporting and developing leaders of the future 

With recent reports of toxic workplace cultures permeating organisations, how can leaders tackle this and create inclusive cultures for their employees? This stream explored how to support and develop leaders for the future, both within the people profession and for wider business leaders, enabling you to strengthen the path towards strong leadership. 

Stream three: Balancing talent attraction, retention and development

With priorities being placed on organisations to have a positive and fulfilling culture, talent management and workforce planning is quickly evolving. As a result, this stream explored how organisations can engage and support employees from the initial stages of recruitment, to the end of their working lives. Discussing strategies for recruitment by looking at untapped talent pools, strategic workforce planning and the development of employees.

Stream four: Learning & Development — building future skills

This stream provided practical advice across a range of topics aimed at addressing the challenges organisations face in upskilling their workforce and improving their employee experience. Gain insights into the latest digital technologies transforming L&D delivery and how to integrate them into everyday work. Plus, explore coaching and mentoring as tools for continuous learning and skills development for HR managers and leaders. 

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Day 1

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09:30 - 09:45

Welcome from the CIPD

Exchange Hall

09:45 - 10:35

Opening keynote: AI and the impact on work and society

Exchange Hall Keynote speaker

Exchange Hall

Daniel will examine how AI will transform society and the way we perceive, manage and rely on employment.

  • What are the effects of modern technologies on society and the workplace and the way we view work?
  • What impact will the replacement of human jobs by robots have on society?
  • What are the threats and the opportunities presented by future changes?
Daniel will combine his research with his experience in policy on what measures and ethical considerations are needed to ensure wealth, knowledge and expertise are distributed evenly.

10:35 - 11:15

Network break

11:15 - 12:00

A1 Panel discussion: Can AI do HR better than you?

The modern workplace Panel discussion

Exchange Hall

  • Understanding the impact of AI on the people professions’ roles and its application in the workplace. 
  • How will AI reshape talent acquisition and recruitment? 
  • How to become a tech-led culture and overcome employee resistance and manage change. 
  • What upskilling and reskilling strategies will be needed for people professionals?

A2 Masterclass: Building world class management capability

Leaders of the future Masterclass Interactive FULLY BOOKED

Charter 2

As professionals, we know that managers are crucial in leading and getting the best from their teams. Based on insights and data from over 50,000 managers globally, this session will provide insights on how organisations can translate strategy into real tangible success by building world class management capability, help you elevate your management skills and better serve your teams and stakeholders. During the masterclass, we will explore fundamental principles of highly engaged organisations with a specific focus on how we build management capability, personally and collectively.

A3 Presentation: Healthcare access at work - how to build a thriving and healthy workforce?

Talent and retention Presentation

Exchange 8-10

  • Gain insight into the wider benefits of ensuring your workforce is healthy. 
  • Understanding the importance of promoting a culture of health and well-being within the workplace. 
  • How can you support the health of your workforce? 
  • Consider the business case for promoting accessible healthcare for your employees.

A4 Interactive: Navigating the skills agenda - building a future-ready workforce through strategic skills development

Learning & Development


  • Identifying the future skills your organisation needs and how to get them. 
  • Impact of automation and changing labour market on skills development. 
  • Developing a workplace culture which has skills development to improve productivity and growth at its heart for all employees.

12:15 - 13:00

B1 AI in learning – using AI to support employee development

The modern workplace


AI changes everything! AI changes the very nature of work, therefore fundamentally changes what HR and L&D do. This session will draw on research on the impact of AI on work, along with a vision of where it is already going in L&D, with real examples.

B2 Inclusion matters - how can leaders deal with toxic workplace culture

Leaders of the future

Exchange Hall

  • Understanding the root causes of toxic workplace cultures. 
  • Developing practical approaches to combat toxic workplace cultures at an individual and organisational level. 
  • The role of leaders in conducting cultural detoxes to create a healthy and positive workplace. 
  • Establishing healthy social norms within your organisation to create a psychologically safe workplace.

B3 Panel discussion: Ex-offenders - an untapped pool of talent

Talent and retention Panel discussion

Exchange 8 - 10

  • Challenging the misconception around hiring ex-offenders.
  • How can tapping into hidden talent groups benefit your organisations and support the development of ex-offenders?
  • Understand the wider social impact from embracing a more inclusive approach to recruitment.
  • Hear how organisations have successfully implemented schemes to support ex-offenders into their workplace, as well as, the challenges of getting company wide buy-in.

B4 Workshop: Transforming learning - what the latest evidence reveals on driving courageous, future-focused learning strategies

Learning & Development Workshop

Charter 2

  • Gain insights into effective approaches for learning transformation based on the latest research and evidence-based practices. 
  • Develop practical strategies to implement evidence-based approaches and drive transformational change in learning programmes. 
  • Successful learning transformation initiatives for practical application.

Networking lunch

13:00 - 14:10

14:10 - 14:55

C1 Case studies: The journey to being AI first

The modern workplace Case study


  • Getting stakeholder buy-in for your AI journey. 
  • Benefits vs challenges – how can technology improve productivity, employee experience and job quality? 
  • What has digital transformation meant for skills and effort based change and what we value at work? 
  • Critical thinking, emotional intelligence and collaboration - how does this happen?

C2 Creating an environment for diverse leadership in organisations and why it matters

Leaders of the future Masterclass

Exchange Hall

This session will provide insights and ideas required to have positive conversations about race at work and to create work environments where leaders from ethnic minorities can thrive. You will also discuss the challenges and what can be done to make positive changes – not just with regards to race but inclusivity more generally.

C3 People profession focus workshop: How to look after the people profession

Talent and retention Workshop Interactive

Exchange 8 - 10

In recent times, our people professionals have had to support organisations and employees through  the changing environments around Brexit, a pandemic, cost of living crisis, redundancies and strikes. Therefore, it’s not surprising that those within the people profession have sacrificed their own well-being to prioritise the well-being of others.  As a result, this session will look at how organisations can support their people professionals whilst they take care of others. 

In this session you will:

  • explore how to take care of the mental, emotional and physical well-being of your people professionals
  • gain insight into where and who people professionals can go to have healthy conversations around their wellbeing and if they need support
  • hear about what skills and tools people professionals need in order to look after their own wellbeing whilst helping others
  • understand what your organisation can do to support the wellbeing of your people professionals.  

C4 Fishbowl: Working smarter not harder - tactics to deliver ambitious transformational learning strategies, without burning out

Learning & Development Interactive

Charter 2

  • Recognising signs of burnout and understanding its impact on individuals and organisations. 
  • Utilise effective learning techniques to prevent becoming overwhelmed from high workloads. 
  • Gain practical tips and techniques for achieving work-life balance and maintaining long-term productivity.

Network break

14:55 - 15:35

15:35 - 16:20

D1 Lightning talks: Reinventing organisational design within the modern workplace

The modern workplace

Exchange Hall

  • Key trends shaping the modern workplace - implications of technology and remote work and changing workforce demographics and expectations. 
  • Redesigning modern organisational structures that are agile and flexible and support collaboration and cross functional teams. 
  • Creating a culture of empowerment and autonomy and the role of leadership in supporting organisational design changes. 
  • Overcoming resistance to organisational design changes and supporting employees through the transition.
  • How remote work has added complexity to organisational design change.

D2 Case study: Developing future leaders

Leaders of the future Case study

Charter 2

 Designing a personalised leadership development programme in alignment with organisational culture and enabling leadership capability to deliver our ambitious Beyond100 strategy. Leadership capability diagnostics undertaken with all leaders allowed us to understand organisational capabilities and the skills and competencies needed to succeed. Every leader has a personalised development plan, including selections from bespoke leadership development pathways; building upon on their strengths, ensuring both professional and personal growth to shape a career that provides meaningful work and business success.

D3 Panel discussion: Let's talk women's health - supporting women to thrive in the workplace

Talent and retention Panel discussion


  • How organisations can demonstrate allyship to women by reducing stigma and opening conversations around women’s health.
  • Developing practical approaches to ensure you don’t lose your female staff prematurely due to health.
  • Establishing a menopause-friendly workplace.
  • Providing support for women’s menstruation and menstrual health.

D4 The necessity for leadership and management support for transformation learning, and how to leverage it

Learning & Development

Exchange 8 - 10

  • Understanding the significance of senior leader and management support in integrating learning seamlessly into the workflow. 
  • How to secure buy-in from senior leaders and managers to foster a culture of continuous learning. 
  • Exploring the benefits and challenges of integrating learning in the flow of work and gaining insights from successful implementation examples.

16:35 - 17:15

Closing keynote panel: Making ‘work’ work

Exchange Hall Panel discussion

Exchange Hall

  • Good work index – making good work accessible and fair to all.
  • Cost of living crisis and financial wellbeing – how will the current situation change the relationship with employees in the future?
  • Autonomous working - beyond ‘flexible work’ and what that means.
  • Building the skills gap and an agile workforce.
  • Career progression and social mobility.
  • Relationships at work and the quality of management.

17:15 - 18:30

ACE Social

Close of Day One


Day 2

Coffee and networking

09:30 - 10:10

The power of working in harmony

Exchange Hall

Teams flourish when they are in rhythm. Described as the world’s first motivational non-speaker, Steve will be using only facial expressions and a conductor’s baton to turn the audience into a functioning orchestra. Delegates will experience the power of working in harmony and the simplicity of good communication.

10:10 - 10:45

Keynote panel: ED&I – where do we go from here?

Panel discussion

Exchange Hall

  • Shifting the cultural mindset to be a truly inclusive organisation. 
  • Intersectionality – how to apply it effectively? 
  • Pay benchmarking - should you do it, how does it work, does it increase fairness or entrench inequality? 
  • Are we at a stage in our organisations where you can be your true ‘authentic’ self at work? 
  • What does the future look like with AI on inclusive recruitment?

Network break

10:45 - 11:25

11:25 - 12:10

E1 Interactive Workshop: Using automation in recruitment to reduce bias, and enhance candidate experience

The modern workplace Workshop Interactive

Charter 2

  • A look at how unconscious biases can affect decision-making and how appropriate use of technology can overcome this and improve the candidate experience. 
  • Deep dive in to tools and techniques such as applicant tracking systems, resume screening algorithms, and video interviewing platforms. 
  • Maintaining a balance between automation and human interaction to ensure engagement.

E2 Lightning talks: Leading the way - how to make everyone care about ESG

Leaders of the future Case study


  • Placing ESG at the heart of organisational culture to create meaningful work. 
  • Understanding how to focus on the social impact of your organisation from within the HR function. 
  • Taking accountability for delivering corporate social responsibility through managing relationships with key stakeholders. 
  • Supporting and developing diversity and inclusion within your organisation to drive purpose.

E3 Lightning talks: Striking the balance between performance management and talent development

Talent and retention Lighting talks

Exchange Hall

  • How can you manage people in organisations that have a high-performing growth mindset? 
  • Understand how you can support employee development through successful performance management. 
  • Is the 9-box grid still an effective framework to use for performance management? 
  • Gain tips on how to couple a high-performing target hitting culture with ensuring support and well-being of employees.

E4 Case studies: Empowering collaboration - harnessing the power of peer-to-peer learning in the flow of work

Learning & Development Case study

Exchange 8 - 10

  • The benefits of peer to peer learning and how to implement it. 
  • Shifting content creation from a top-down approach to a bottom-up process. 
  • How can this approach to learning create productivity, financial and workplace culture improvements?

12:25 - 13:10

F1 Panel: The responsible approach to AI and automation

The modern workplace Panel discussion


  • Building a framework for using AI and automation in a responsible way. 
  • Ensuring AI works in accordance to your organisation’s core values and purpose. 
  • Addressing algorithmic biases and ensuring fairness in decision-making processes. 
  • Safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring data privacy. 
  • Demanding transparency and providing clear explanations for AI-driven decisions. 
  • Promoting ethical education and awareness among employees and stakeholders.

F2 Case study: Facing forward – developing a business case for strategic workforce planning

Leaders of the future Case study

Exchange Hall

  • Aligning workforce planning with wider organisational strategy and goals.
  • How to create an agile workforce in the face of rapid change and uncertainty.
  • Utilising data-driven insights to understand the skills and roles needed to build up your workforce.
  • Developing and implementing an action plan to create a workforce for the future.

F3 Case study workshop: Preparing your employees to be able to adapt to technical and practical changes in the workplace

Talent and retention Case study Workshop Interactive

Exchange 8 - 10

  • Discover how the Met Office put learning at the heart of what they do through hearing about their people framework and professions and communities of practice. 
  • Gain insight into how the Met Office prepares their workforce culturally for change. 
  • Hear about the benchmarking programme the Met Office are conducting to assess change readiness within the Met Office and how the results from this study are supporting colleagues in becoming more agile through workforce planning.

F4: Leveraging data and insights - enhancing critical thinking and decision making to drive impactful learning

Learning & Development

Charter 2

  • What ways can data insights be used to improve critical thinking and inform effective decision-making processes? 
  • Practical methods for collecting, analysing, and interpreting data to gain valuable insights in an ethical way. 
  • How to utilise data to enhance L&D systems to drive improved outcomes and performance.

Networking lunch

13:10 - 14:10

14:10 - 15:05

Davina McCall MBE fireside chat: The importance of mental health and wellbeing at work

Exchange Hall Keynote speaker Fireside chat

Exchange Hall

Davina has become a passionate advocate for raising awareness about the menopause, and as well as fronting two critically acclaimed C4 documentaries on the topic, she has released her book Menopausing. In this session, Davina will be sharing personal stories on the menopause, mental health and physical wellbeing as well as discussing what more businesses can do to support employees health and wellness.

Keynote: Anything is possible

15:05 - 15:55

15:05 - 15:55

Nicolas Hamilton: Anything is possible

Exchange Hall Keynote speaker

Exchange Hall

Nicolas was told as a child he’d never walk due to his cerebral palsy and would spend his life reliant in a wheelchair. Nicolas will share his inspirational story on how he realised his dream to be a racing driver and his belief that your ambition is limited only by your attitude. He will recount his personal story of motivation, facing down challenges, and overcoming adversity, as well the lessons in teamwork that his sport has instilled. 

15:55 - 16:00

Closing remarks: Peter Cheese, CEO, CIPD

Exchange Hall