We asked all our attendees if they had any additional requirements as part of the registration process and make every effort to accommodate them. We're committed to making this event accessible to everyone - here are some examples of what this means in practice: 

  • Manchester Central Convention Complex is designed for maximum accessibility for all events, this includes full accessibility to wheelchair users. Click here to read more about what the venue is doing to improve accessibility. 

  • There was a quiet room located near the registration desk for anyone who needs it, attendees could come here to regulate and de-escalate. 

  • There was a multi-faith prayer room located near the registration desk for anyone who needs it. 

  • There is no formal dress code, please dress as you feel comfortable. 

  • Anyone with an accessibility requirement was offered a different coloured lanyard so that stewards may easily identify and offer support. 

  • Event staff wore green t-shirts in the conference rooms and content stages to be more easily identified and approached for help. 

  • Hearing loops were located at the front of content stages and rooms for anyone who is hard of hearing. 

  • All content stages and rooms had closed captions. 

  • The hybrid delivery of our conference content meant that anyone who did not want to attend in person, for whatever reason, could view the content wherever they like. Comment end  

Should you have any queries or concerns, please contact: