Creating an inclusive and thriving work environment

While progress has been made in the realm of inclusion and diversity, it is evident that many organisations still struggle with sluggish growth and limited improvements in this area. As people professionals, the central question we must address is: How can we ensure that our actions align with our professed commitment to diversity and inclusion?

Recognising the critical importance of fostering an inclusive work environment that values every individual,  the time has come for business leaders and people professionals to collaborate and take decisive actions in order to establish a lasting inclusive culture. The CIPD Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference enabled our attendees too:

Hear from industry leaders who've broken barriers to  promote social inclusion across their workforce

Gain actionable insights through our series of interactive workshops to implement within your organisation

Collaborate with industry peers through roundtable discussions to develop innovative solutions to build inclusive cultures

Understand how to implement inclusive language within your organisation with an overview of the CIPD Inclusive Language Guide!



What does my conference ticket include?

  • 27 speakers, hand picked to add meaningful insights and share real world expertese
  • 17 sessions, in a variety of formats, including presentations, workshops and hackathons
  • 13+ hours of engaging content
  • Lunch, drinks and refreshments

You also gain full access to the full conference content 

What are the benefits for attending in person?

  • Reconnecting with the community to build your network with like-minded professionals.
  • Discovering new opportunities: participating in lively in-person discussions is a great way to generate new opportunities and get help in refining your concepts and ideas.
  • Speaker insights: get your questions answered during live Q&As and discussions – nothing beats being there in the room. 
  • Stepping away from the day-to-day routine to be creative and explore new ideas.
  • Avoiding multitasking and staying more focused to truly make the best out of your experience.

You can also  book accommodation at preferential rates, please visit the website here using the event passcode: HAYC153. Alternatively, you call Priority on 0845 6123 611 or +44 1473 550 620 quoting event code: HAYC153 23

Is there an online attendance option?

Yes. Your delegate ticket enables you to livestream the conferences and even ask questions to the speakers in the room.